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Activate AVG Protection, Performance or Ultimate

ACTIVATE YOUR PRODUCT by visiting  http://www.avg.com/code


When you purchase a subscription for AVG ProtectionPerformance or Ultimate, the information about your purchase is stored in your AVG MyAccount. To activate your product with the subscription, it is necessary to connect the product to your AVG MyAccount.

Note: You may have multiple AVG accounts registered under different email addresses. The subscription is only active in the account that you used or created during the purchase. You can check the status of all subscriptions available in your AVG MyAccount by logging in at myaccount.avg.com.

Activating AVG Protection, Performance or Ultimate

  1. Open AVG Zen.
  2. Click Connect in the top part of the window.


  3. Click Create a new Zen Network or Connect to an existing Zen Network.


  4. Fill in your AVG MyAccount login (your email address) and password, and then click Connect.
  5. AVG Zen will recognize your subscription and your AVG product will be activated.

AVG Technical Support: AVG technician can remotely access your computer and assist you, free of charge. The service is available Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 9 PM EST.

·         Visit the AVG Remote Support website.  http://www.avg.com/us-en/support

·         24x7 Phone Support:

United Kingdom:  +44 (0)800 085 3496

United States: +1 877 469 8630 


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How to Manage and Add Devices with an AVG Zen network

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